Monday, August 31, 2009

Thing 21: Podcasts

For some reason I am having trouble listening to the podcasts. Am I missing something? However, I did take a workshop on podcasting last year. I have recorded a few of my students making their American landmarks reports. The kids loved doing it and the parents enjoyed hearing them. A couple of them were posted on our school website, but for security we did not post names with them.

Thing 12: Twitter

I set up my account with Twitter and found our satellite church and several church members. I can also follow the Texas Rangers on Twitter as I hear Josh and Tom talking about Twitter a lot during the games. This was probably the last time I heard someone talking about Twitter.

Thing 20: YouTube

YouTube has some interesting and some amazing videos. However, the ones that I chose when I searched for school library were not very good. The first one was interesting as it showed a library that had been donated in Africa. However, the next one was an amateur recording of a high school student walking through a library. It was very boring and actually kind of stupid. The last video I watched was by School Library Journal and was a review of Amazon's Kindle2. It discusses the pros and cons of the Kindle2 and compares it to the first model. It was useful but not too exciting.

Thing 14: Delicious

This has become one of my favorite resources, even though I keep forgetting about it. I was introduced to Delicious in the spring while taking 5720 from UNT. I have used it several times and like the fact that I can retrieve my favorite sites from any computer. My Delicious login is Cherylb310.

I am not sure if we can access Delicious from the school computer, but I need to check. I believe it should be accessible, so if it is not I will inquire about it.

Thing 13: Tagging

Tagging can be similar to subject headings, but tagging is more personalized. It should not take the place of official subject headings in cataloging. However, it is excellent source to help individuals categorize websites and resources to easier retrieval.

I have used tagging several times since being introduced to it in one of my UNT classes.

Thing 9: More Facebook

I had previously joined our church and our satellite pages: Brookhaven Church and LifeBridge Church. However, for more experience finding groups I also joined ALA and UNT SLIS Unite. I was reminded how important it is to be careful how or what you type as a friend request. When I typed ALA there were about 500 entries, so I had to go back and try American Library Association.

This is a convenient way to keep up with organization news. I know I get reminders from my church regularly.

Thing 8: Facebook

Facebook can be addicting. I set up an account several months ago. Although I do not post much, I do enjoy seeing what others post. It is amazing how much time some people spend on Facebook.

For me, I am still concerned about the security of the information. Therefore, I do tend not to put much information on Facebook. As teachers, we were warned not to friend students and to be vague with our employment.